Steenbuck Hunting in South Africa with Tinashe Outfitters

Steenbuck Hunting in South Africa

Add this adorable member of the tiny ten to your trophy collection

The steenbuck (steenbok) is the biggest and arguably the most beautiful of the mini antelope species found on the open plains of South Africa. Male steenbuck carry upright horns, and are only found with the ewes when in estrus. The rest of the time, the adorable little antelope tends to be a solitary animal that is most active during the early morning and late afternoon. In areas where they are pressured, they will be nocturnal.

Steenbuck are small and slim with a short head, overshadowed by the large ears. Weighing a mere 22 pounds, and standing approximately 22 inches high at shoulder height, the animal makes for a beautiful full mount, shoulder mount or shield and skull mount. Steenbuck trophies are highly underrated, probably due to its small size and incredible speed. Most people don't notice them and don't have the time to study them before they disappear into thick cover or lie flat in long grass to avoid detection.

Their legs are long, and they appear quite elegant. They have a reddish-brown coat, with lighter - or even white - underside. The ears are white with a black stripe, and there's a black stripe on the muzzle as well. Female steenbuck tend to be heavier than the rams, who have four-inch long, upright horns.

Both male and female steenbuck are very territorial. They will use displays to defend their territories, which they scent-mark using their throat, pedal or pre-orbital glands. They can usually be found wherever they can find food. They favor the sweet fresh grass that sprouts after fires, but tend to avoid mountainous areas.


Hunting Considerations

When hunting steenbuck, your professional hunter will advise you to stalk carefully. In most cases, the animal will lie in wait until the very last moment before flushing and running off at great speed. It may run a short distance before stopping to look back and deciding to continue its flight. That presents a good opportunity for you to take your shot.

The steenbuck has acute senses, and its size and coloring work in his favor. These elements work together to make him a tiny, yet challenging quarry. Like the duiker, most steenbuck are taken on chance encounters during hunting safaris for other antelope species. This means that you will probably have to use the equipment you have in hand.

If you're purposely hunting for steenbuck, come prepared with a good scope of about 4x, as it will probably be a long shot. If you're purposely hunting steenbuck, choose a shotgun or anything ranging from a .223 to a .375 caliber, since most shots will be fired at close range on a fast moving target. Use rapidly expanding bullets, as that will ensure that you can find your target quickly. .



Scientific Name: Raphicerus campestris
Height: 45 - 60 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Horn Length: 7 - 19 cm
Gestation period: 170 days


Shot Placement

Opt for the heart-lung shot placement on side-on presentation. Aim approximately one-third to one-half up the front of the body, right behind the foreleg. .

Hunting Steenbuck with Tinashe

Steenbuck Shot Placement