Hunting with Tinashe Outfitters

Hunting with Tinashe Outfitters

The heart of Africa beats like a drum under your feet when you hunt with Tinashe Outfitters on the sandy savanna of South Africa's remote North West province. The semi-arid Kalahari region, awash with camel thorn bushes, straddles a part of South Africa, a large part of Botswana and a part of Namibia.

When you hunt with Tinashe Outfitters, you can rely on an experience that exceeds your expectations - from the moment you book your tailor made safari to the day your trophy arrives back home.

We offer a range of lion hunting and plains game trophy hunting packages to choose from, or we could create the tailormade safari of your dreams.

As the sun rises in the east, and the reflection on the red semi-desert sand casts an orange glow across the ranch, with the unmistakable scent of the Kalahari in the crisp morning air, our professional hunters will travel with you in luxury hunting vehicles as skilled trackers stalk the game. Your professional hunter will provide the exact amount of guidance and advice you require for your hunt.

Each hunting vehicle is equipped with snacks and beverages for the day.

We can also arrange video and photography services upon request to capture every moment of this exhilarating experience in time.

Lion Hunting

Our clients live for the adrenaline-infused experience of tracking and adding black-maned Kalahari lions and lionesses to their trophy collections. While the excitement can leave anyone giddy and reckless, professional hunters have utmost respect for lions. While lions make for extremely exciting hunts, they are also powerful, fast and very vindictive. You cannot afford to wound a lion, which is why it is important to use the right rifle and achieve first shot placement.

Tinashe's professional hunters and trackers specialize in lion hunting in South Africa and know how to hunt lions safely and successfully. We encourage hunters to follow the professional advice provided carefully to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Plains Game Hunting

The Kalahari is rich in a wide variety of plains game species that freely roam the savanna, including sable antelope, eland, kudu, gemsbuck, black wildebeest, springbuck, and blesbuck. While public outcry about animal rights dominate the media, few people are aware of the fact that trophy hunting actually contributes to wildlife conservation. Due to the high commercial value of trophy hunting, game occupies a larger area of privately owned land than cattle in South Africa. This has contributed to many species being revived from near extinction, Douglas Fletcher’s dream come true.

Our professional Bushmen trackers will guide you to the watering holes and grazing areas where the plains game gather at sunrise and sunset, allowing the perfect opportunity to obtain the latest trophy to add to your collection.

Dangerous Game Hunting

Experience the adrenaline pumping through your body as you scope out some of the most exciting trophies you'll ever find - lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard or rhino, to name but a few. Here at Tinashe, we will create a custom safari based on the species you're interested in. Your life or death mission will be overseen by a professional hunter with many years of experience in pursuing Africa's most dangerous beasts. With sufficient preparation and following the advice of our professional hunters, your dangerous game hunting safari will be a roaring success.