Rifle and Caliber Information

Rifle and Calibre Information

No more than one firearm per calibre and 200 rounds per firearm will be permitted on your hunting safari with Tinashe and no automatic or semi automatic rifles are allowed.

The best rifle to use when on safari, is the one you are most familiar with. Rifle hunting in Africa is by far the most popular method for hunting plains game, lions and dangerous game. When choosing your calibre, consider the animal being hunted, and the terrain the hunting will occur in.

The right rifle will depend on the trophies you intend taking on your safari.

For dangerous game and thick skinned game, such as elephant, rhino, buffalo and lion, the .375 calibre is the minimum required in Africa.

Any calibre bigger than .375 is welcome. It is recommended that you bring solids for thick skinned animals like elephants, rhino and buffalo, and soft nose bullets for leopard and lion.

We recommend that, as a plains game hunter, you bring along a rifle that you are most comfortable shooting. The most popular rifles brought to Africa are the 7mm Rem Mag, 30-06 and the 300 Win Mag. The 300 Win Mag is the most versatile rifle. It is suitable for everything from small game such as blesbuck, springbuck, and impala, to your larger game such as eland, sable, and gemsbuck.

For smaller game like steenbuck, duikers we recommend a large calibre .375 with a solid, or a shotgun.

Shot placements are more important than the calibre you are using. Our team of professional hunters will guide you as to where to shoot. We also recommend that you do a lot of practicing beforehand. Shooting off sticks as well as free hand shooting. It will give you a better chance when hunting dangerous or wounded game on your safari.