Tinashe Lodge Staff
Alfred - The Butler

Alfred - The Butler

Madrew - The Tracker

Madrew - The Tracker

Willing - The Chef

Willing - The Chef

All Staff

All Staff

Lodge Staff

Clayton and Sabrina welcome you to Tinashe, along with their team of friendly lodge staff.
It takes a village to provide the world-class level of dedicated service we are committed to offering our valued guests, and we are thankful for our formidable staff who share our enthusiasm for the Kalahari and our passion for excellent guest experiences.

A Friendly Welcome - Clayton & Sabrina, Your Hosts

Your hosts, Clayton and Sabrina, have more than 30 years experience in running game hunting lodges and make a dynamic duo. Approachable and personable, they know just how to make guests feel right at home at Tinashe. You may arrive as a stranger, but you’re sure to leave as a friend, already planning your next visit.

Clayton is a highly experienced professional hunter, who will accompany guests on their hunts. He knows the Kalahari and its wildlife like the palm of his hand, and will provide excellent advice and insight on making the most of your safari. When he’s not hunting, he handles the marketing aspects of the lodge.

In addition to being the gracious hostess, Sabrina is also the lodge co-ordinator. She takes care of bookings and allocations, general inquiries and ensuring that all your needs are met. She is also the creative mind behind the unique decor of the lodge.

At Your Service - Alfred, Butler

Alfred's friendly face and calm demeanour is a hit with all our guests. Although he is very discreet, Alfred appears at just the right moment to wait on our guests, whether they want a glass of wine, or whether they want him to arrange another service on their behalf. Always smiling, and always willing to go the extra mile, Alfred is an asset to our housekeeping team.

Bon Appetit - Willing, Chef

What would a luxury resort be without a talented chef? Willing is our professionally trained and talented in-house chef who specializes in indigenous cuisine. He can whip up mouthwatering delights using the day's hunts for the adventurous hunter, or he can prepare equally scrumptious steaks, seafood, pasta, or whatever you wish for, based on your dietary preferences.

Keepers of the House - Nanna and Yvonne, Housekeepers

Nanna and Yvonne are domestic goddesses who keep the lodge in such a pristine condition. They take care of all aspects of housekeeping, from cleaning to scullery duties, and laundry.

On the Right Track - Madrew, Tracker

Hundreds of years ago, the Kalahari was inhabited by the Bushmen tribe, known for the elaborate rock paintings of their hunts, and for their uncanny ability to track down game by their prints in the sand. This is Madrew's legacy; the skill that has made him an indispensable (and popular!) part of our hunting team.

A beautiful mount begins with Isaac - Our Skinner

Once the pictures have been taken of your trophy it will be loaded onto a vehicle and taken to the skinning shed where Isaac, our experienced skinner, will skin your trophy to accommodate your desired method of mounting.

We’re committed to uplifting the trustworthy, reliable staff that help us to make your stay at Tinashe a truly unforgettable experience.